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Method of Treatment :

We recommend our clients for controlling the flies/ mosquitoes proofing against fly/mosquitoes entry, installation of fluorescent PVC strip curtains and insect killer at strategic locations ( to be done by the clients at their cost). The purpose of these recommendations is to reduce the uses of pesticide in internal areas. Hit fly baits are used at strategic location for fly control. We spray insecticidal solution of Beta-cyfluthrin (indoor area) and Cypermethrin (outdoor area) at breeding places like stagnant water, waste dumping areas, drains, office store, filling area and other general area.

We do fogging fumigation with Kingfog & special fogging mixer for control of flies & mosquitoes.

This spray service can be odorless if rendered using odorless chemical. These odorless services require complete premises to be vacant and proper cleaning of the infected premises after 40-45 hours of the treatment. These services having the following advantages: