Woodborer Treatments

Wood Borer Control

The majority of furniture in Indian households is made of wood or composites of wood. Wood-borer larvae or powderpost beetle larvae are pests that can damage wooden structures and furniture. PCI’s WBM service protects and prevents future infestations.


  • Severe infestations can lead to deterioration of wooden beams or the replacement of entire furniture and flooring
  • Sai identifies and locates the infestation that is characterized by distinct yellow powder (frass) which is the debris from the tunnels excavated by the larvae
  • Our expert technicians then proceed to treat it with appropriate means
  • Pre-treatment of wood to prevent future infestations

Sai Pest Control will Give Your House Nice Woodborer Treatments
Woodborers can destroy your peace of mind very quickly. So for having nice peace of mind, avail of the services of Sai Pest Control and get woodborer Treatments done right now. This kind of treatment ensures that your house is in good shape and is safe without the presence of Woodborers to annoy you. These pests can be a nuisance sometimes, and hence their treatment is very necessary.

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